Who run the world...?

Who run the world? Girls. Yes, we are the market movers, the ultimate consumers, studied like lab rats by corporations trying to predict just what we will do and where our money will go next. With that much power of persuasion why then are we so underemployed and undervalued in the corporate world in comparison to our male counterparts?

gender equalityunfo.jpg

At Facebook, google and twitter men accounted for 70% of the rank and file workforce in 2014 and the executive positions are even higher. Only 2 of Forbes’ America’s Top 40 richest under forty were women in 2016.

Everywhere we look it's as if the world is trying to persuade us to look better, be thinner, acquire more, be available… imagine how much harder of a job it makes for parents trying to raise healthy daughters in this kind of an environment. When are we going to have more women in leadership roles to consciously break this cycle? We KNOW the damage it does.

Luckily, there are things we can do NOW with our magical market shifting fingers, like buy from body image conscious female owned brands. And support female owned start ups!

And don't buy from companies that promote their products by exploiting the archaic image of the perfect woman to which so many have subscribed. We have the power. It’s right in our pockets and all we have to do is be conscious, be aware, be woke. Now go tell them who run the world, ladies.

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